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Standby… Go!

We do events. Lots of them.

As a fully integrated events agency, we create, technically manage and produce events and conferences on a global scale. Our clients must think we’re pretty damn good at it – they keep coming back for more!

Using our project managers’ live production expertise, creative maestros and our technical wizards, our goal is to not only work with you to develop and nurture your concept but to deliver a stunning event that everyone will remember.

As your one stop event partner, we can design, develop and produce all aspects of your event. From details such as print items, social media management and branding to the design and production of epic stage sets, light shows and interactive exhibition stands – we really do have it all covered.

With live events we know you only get one shot… we like to make sure it counts.


We make it work…

We’re your technical wizards. The folks behind the scenes, running cables, behind the sound desk, up the ladder positioning your lights – but we’re so much more than that!

We work with our clients as part of their team to understand and innovate experience – using technology to design and produce new experiences that serve unmet needs. Making the connections between you, your audience and your message.

What we do isn’t easy – but great technical management should appear effortless. In fact, after all the planning and pre-production, if your audience doesn’t notice us we know we’ve done our job right.

It’s about you. Whatever your vision, we want to help you share it. We respond to challenges, not just briefs, so you don’t need to have all the answers.

All it takes is an idea, we can do the rest.


We Love Healthcare!

We like to think there’s nothing we can’t do.

Different industries have different cultures and we’ve worked on some pretty wild events in our time – but what really gets our pulses racing is working in the Healthcare industry.

We like it so much that we’ve been working with the biggest names in Healthcare for over 30 years. That’s thousands of satellite symposia, hundreds of scientific standalones, investigator meetings and advisory boards, plus more exhibitions than you can imagine.

In fact, we’ve got so much experience under our belts that we act as consultants for entire congresses; providing technical management services for all meetings, exhibitors and symposia.

So if you’re thinking Healthcare, think specialists… think aps.


The possibilities are endless

Design – it’s the thread that ties all the elements of a project together – that’s why we won’t trust anyone else with it, we do it all in-house. It’s just too important.

No matter what we’re doing, you can be sure our studio is at the heart of the action, from stage design to graphics, editing, animation and web development – our dedicated design services ensure maximum impact and clarity alongside seamless performance.


See the whole picture

We like making videos.

We like it even better when nice people like you watch them.

Whether you want to capture an interview or create a feature length video with motion graphics and 3D animation, we’re here for you right from conception to the moment you hit play.

You’d be amazed at what we can do with a camera and a green screen.

Why not take a look?


…only a click away

The web is hardly new, and over the years we’ve developed lots of clever ways to help you reach your audience – wherever they happen to be.

From virtual meetings and live webcasts to online resources for education, teaser promotions and much more – we’ve got it covered, creating integrated platforms to keep your delegates engaged, before, during and after an event.

We’ve been there, done that, got the app – and we’d love to share it with you.


Make them think

We believe helping you to engage your audience is one of the most important things we can do for you – so we’ve come up with lots of ways to do just that.

Interactivity doesn’t have to be complicated, at least not for our clients. From ‘bring your own device’ voting systems to interactive 3D mapping, we’ve got lots of nifty apps and fancy technical gadgets to get your audience going.

We’d love to show you.


Anywhere and everywhere

aps has worked in over 50 countries the world over (and back again) and as you might expect, we’ve made lots of friends along the way.

As a result we have partners all over the globe, so whether it be an exhibition in London, a product launch in Bangkok or a conference in Vancouver, we’re not limited by what you want to do or where you want to do it.

aps means flawless in any language!

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Alex Hambleton

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Alex Hill

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Andrew Morris

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Belletta Ormsby

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Lucy Hutchings

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Mark Butcher


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Martin MacKenzie

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